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Marijannah & Potion Live In Jakarta

Kamis, 12 Jul 2018
Rossi Musik, Jakarta
Six Thirty Recordings present Potion & Marijannah Live In Jakarta at Rossi Musik.
Thursday, July 12 2018
7 PM at Rossi Musik
Also performing
AVHATH, Fuzzy, I, and KIEF
Marijannah is a stoner/doom metal band from Singapore with members of two of the island’s hardest touring bands, Wormrot & The Caulfield Cult.
The band’s debut record “Till Marijannah” is set to be released in February 2018 on Pink Tank Records.
Potion is a Psychedelic heavy metal from Sydney.
Together they embark a South East Asian tour with dates in Solo, Jakarta, Bandung, Malaysia, and Singapore.

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