Asian Cookout Vol. I

Asian Cookout Vol. I

Asian Cookout Vol. I
Sat, 04 May 2019 at 01:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Hatchi, Jakarta

Started as an idea to create an atmosphere where F&B industry players can catch up over barbecue and 7 glasses of beer — to connect, hangout, or even finding out the same interests, Asian Cookout Vol. 1 invites everybody that loves to eat. A collaboration between more than 10 collectives of chefs, bartenders, farmers, DJs, media, basically all of the people that caters your daily lifestyle consumptions, coming together to deliver you one hell of an Asian experience where we eat, drink, share thoughts on past-present-future concerns, boopin’ heads to the music, and just spreading our network-wings as we get to know each other a little more. All in all, we can say Asian Cookout will be a cult-like festivity for all you F&B enthusiasts out there, so if you feel like joining in, better come and get with the program.

Hey Fam!

We are here to invite you to our humble abode!
To get to know fellow fnb players and food enthusiasts !

We are having
• Chill discussion about local bbq culture (FREE!)
• Free Flow Selected Beef – (250k) by Radamase
• Beer to Beer (50k /Cup . 20k/Refill)
• Cocktail “Asinin” by Lazy Susan X Yabai Izakaya (100k)
• Dope tune lineups by Overlab & fam
• Limited Merch (t-shirts, tote bag, stickers pack)

See you there !


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