DKFA: Simple Symmetry

DKFA: Simple Symmetry

DKFA: Simple Symmetry
Fri, 09 Nov 2018 at 09:00 PM - 03:00 AM
The Room, Hotel Monopoli, Jakarta

Simple Symmetry is Sasha Lipsky and Sergey Lipsky, two brothers born and raised in Moscow, united by their love for sound and motion, melodic expressionism and passion for escapism projected through a psychedelic musical journey. From the basements and streets of Moscow Simple Symmetry have set out on their fantastic adventure to discover authentic musical treasures of people and cultures around the world and reframe them for the modern dance floor.

Simple Symmetry have found a home on Disco Halal with the release of the first collaborative EP Plane Goes East. Voodoo Your Ex track is an expression of collective passion for ritual chants, ethnic rhythm and instrumentation, primal vibrations and underground dance music.

They Will be performing for the first time in Asia at DEKADENZ, club night currated by Jonathan Kusuma, Aditya Permana & Ridwan at The Room Club, Hotel Monopoli.

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