Mon, 05 Nov 2018 at 07:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Rossi Musik, Jakarta

The Noise Showcase, planned to be held on 5 November, is a celebration of the Noise spirit. A showcase where same-minded souls are able to gather and celebrate joining forces together.

The idea of the showcase comes from the graphic novel/movie V for Vendetta (hence the date chosen). Much like Noise, the character V carries freedom as the main idea of the story by igniting the flame within the people’s spirits to make a movement of change.

Aside from freedom, self esteem and self empowerment are the big ideas Noise want to carry out, with the motto “Don’t wait for a change, but be the change you want to see”.

The Noise Showcase is called a showcase because it is more of an exhibition rather than a regular, boring, one-way musical concert. Noise offers a full-on experience to the audience, by bringing a semi theatrical, heavily influenced by V for Vendetta performance, that is enticingly mixed with his own fuck-you attitude.

Musical ensemble will also be special, with a new and exciting formation, producing energetic yet dark industrial sounds to celebrate the Noise spirit of freedom, self empowerment, and just plain old punk rock.

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